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If you own a business that affords you the freedom to work from anywhere you choose - you're a lucky one. I'm happy my own business allows me to do just that. As a freelance design brandstress, I enjoy the many days where pajama pants are my work attire, Skype is my office, and my kitchen is my local coffee shop.

The best thing about being a freelancer, I get to meet up in person and network with potential clients in my area. Unfortunately, rocking my favorite pair of pj pants won't make me look like serious business if I walked in for a meeting but there are a few ways I prepare to freelance in style and finesse my way into the heart of a new client. I plan accordingly and tend to keep a few things on hand when it's time to handle business.

This is a major go-to for me. I've had a few meetings where I've had to carry so much stuff to one place I simply could not be about that life. That lugging my laptop bag along with notebooks and presentations was a no no. I recently solved this issue by using an awesome backpack I received from the folks over at Incase. They're a company that designs various protective and mobile products for the everyday creative. I can be somewhat of a tomboy at times so rocking skinny jeans, a chiffon top, and some sneaks is normal for me. I have the ultimate ICON backpack and it's my baby!

  • I can legit keep all my freelance biz essentials from my pens, to client folders, a portable power charger, etc. 
  • Perfect for those on-the-go creative masterminds or meet ups with new and veteran clients. 
  • My Macbook has it's own special, cushy place, so I feel better knowing it's safely secured. 
  • The bag is 19 inches tall and I'm a petite 5'3" so having the support in the adjustable and padded straps is a plus! My lovely lady lumps aren't compromised. WINNING! 

It's okay to be yourself. When you're authentic in what you do and love what you do, that good energy you put out gives a great return to you and your life. Don't overthink things and don't be afraid to "keep it real" either. If how you act feels wrong, avoid it. With conviction of owning your craft,  the people meant to come around will. Your business is already special - so don't look at what anyone is doing and feel you lack their "popularity". This too shall past... 

I don't mean one that involves mixed drinks and lots of strangers but I do mean be your own hype-man, basically. Whenever I meet clients for the first time, you better believe I'm going toot my own horn. They want to know if what they heard about you is true. 

You can't expect to have a growing business or awesome reputation as a person whose great at what they do if you don't own up to how awesome you are! It's always great when others share the great things you do or have done for them but there is nothing wrong with being shameless and saying, "Hell yeah, I'm damn good at what I do!" every now and again. 

Great people love great vibes. The more you speak on your passion and how it can help others, the more you become infatuated with your purpose. Keep it cute though.  A big head and a fast mouth will get your shamed. Keep that mental on chill but don't forget to stay true and make those coins! 


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Disclaimer - This post was in collaboration with Incase in exchange for an honest review of their product. All opinions are my own. 

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