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Today, we're cruising the streets with multi-talented artist, Melissa. I stumbled upon her Instagram profile some time ago an really enjoyed stalking her page for a wile Her artwork is very original and more than enough to keep anyone creatively satisfied with their art fix.

1. What is Melissa Cook Art and why do you make a creative difference?
A: Melissa Cook Art is a representation of myself and my name. Things that I love and what I like to do. When it comes to portrait drawings, I like to add a twist to it, combining different images into one, drawings things and people that represents me and people I look up to. I feel I can make a creative difference to help inspire others out there that want to draw, I have many people that say they look up to my work and want to be like me. I also have time-lapse videos of my work on my Youtube page.

2. You're a triple threat! Who or what would you credit that gave you the inspiration to become an artist?
A: I would say I would look up to Nigo, Pharrell, Brian Donnelly (KAWS), Takashi Murakami when it comes to stepping out the box and exploring the arts and realizing that boundaries and borders don't exist, letting your imagination run wild and be free. Marcello Barenghi and Heather Rooney are others that I look up too when it comes to art and time-lapse videos, they have made me say, "You know what, this is something that I want to do.
I've always been drawing my whole life but wasn't until 2013 when I visited an art museum and that's what made me want to draw again. I also give credit to my parents, family and friends for helping me to keep going when I didn't want to anymore.

3. You have a comic series - Urban Shokk. How did that idea come about? 
A: Urban Shook Comics, I came up with the idea back in 2011, it started with me doodling in my sketch book of these characters. Didn't know where it would take me or what I wanted to do with it. At first it was strictly a clothing line but decided I want to turn it into a comic series with merchandise on the side. Being inspired by graffiti and the Hip-Hop culture specifically the 80s are what inspired me to push this forward as well as the Japanese culture, combining both cultures into one.
4. My art is never-ending imagination, destined for success and to be great.
5. Do you have plans of selling your work on your own site in the near future? I'd love to support.
A: Yes! I plan on doing more drawings, different types on my page of prints. I have yet to update my sites of recent work. 
6. Any major projects in the works? What can we expect in the next 6 months from your creative vault?
A: I plan on working on my comic series and getting that launched. Also continuing to work on my portrait drawings and time-lapse videos. I want to make prints of some of my work as well.

7. To upcoming illustrators and artists, what is something you'd share with them to help them stay motivated and in love with their craft?
A: First things first, I would say, keep going! As hard as it may sound, sometimes I just want to not do it but most of the time I HAVE TOO! This is what we're destined for. Keep practicing on your craft, I wasn't drawing like I am now but still feel I have a ways to go. 
I read many inspirational things such as The Alchemist, follow other inspiring artists, read quotes, cut the negativity out of your life. Have a niche and do something different that others aren't doing. Hang with others that will inspire you and help lift you up. If you don't have people you can look up too, watching rags to riches biographies of celebs can help out as well. 
I believe in the power of the universe, what you think, will happen. It's hard staying positive in the negative world, but keep focused, stay true to your heart and love what you do ever single day. It may be tough in the beginning, but someone out there is loving what you do!
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