The great thing about having access to the internet and the vast collection of never-ending streams of websites is that other than a headache from the search results overload, you can come across a few wonderful gems. Almost weekly, I come across a new "She-Boss" to follow and learn from. You may recall my favorite bloggers to follow this year in a previous post who match the vibrant fly of all these awesome women I'll share below.

I wouldn't drop their names if I didn't think they were worth the support. From their witty Instagram accounts, minimal excellence, to their hilarious, yet classically comical humor in their tweets - I'd say even those descriptions should make you go fall in love with them. I already have.

1. Jacque of Jacque of All Trades

  • I LOVE me some Jacque! The girl is everything my "build-a-bestie" would be. Stylish, innovative, and determined - she's the epitomy of the IT factor. She's also super funny! I first discovered her via her #YouGrowGirl challenge where she vowed to grow her social media audience organically through networking and relationship building. She is also the creator of the Build A Boutique course where she shares everything you need to know on how to plan, build, and market your own online boutique. 
Her blog caters to sharing content that keeps you on your creative feet all while in style! Her entrepreneurship section is a blessing to me. My fave posts are here and here

2. Maya of Maya Elious

  • If I had a third alter ego, she would be it for me. Maya is super great at what she does. She helps aspiring business owners build profitable, personal brands under her company BRNDWCH, is the creator of Blogademics, and knows how to rock a fierce, bold lip! 
I love her blog for it's relatable presence. If I want to get over a slump when it coms to dealing with my family as a creative biz owner, I go read up on her site. My faves are here and here

3. Lindsay of White Oak Creative

  • A creative spirit after my own heart. I recently fell in love with her blog and her obvious love of keeping things simple. Minimal is always chic and powerful. If you're in need of an awesome Wordpress genius or premade themes, look no further. Her tutorials and free resources are an even greater reason to stop by and say hello. 
The blog she writes is the creative haven for the keen eye - I love it! Great resource to have on a rainy day while you sit at your local coffee shop to enjoy tea and a good read. My fave posts are here and here.

4.  Alisha of TheAlishaNicole

  • A powerhouse that is all about helping other creative women turn their passions into profit. Part business coach and part unstoppable creator, she's definitely someone I admire. She currently owns Early August, an online boutique where she offers affordable accessories for the "everyday girl". Her webinar collaboration with Maya Elious on the 5 Strategies For A Successful Product Launch is what got me in the better frame of mind to move forward launch my own new service for creatives and bloggers. 
Her blog is all about grabbing life by the horns, kicking ass in business, and designing the success you deserve! My fave posts are here and here

5. Kai of CoupDose

  • Super fresh to death! Kai is the one woman you should want to know all about. She's offers amazingly authentic content that is strategically created to help you get closer to your dreams of a successful and profitable business. 
The blog is still fairly new but it's already home to some wonderful resources and action tools for anyone seeking to grow in business. Her expertise and various skills make her too legit! My fave posts are here and here

6. Kate of Clear Creative Consulting

  • Your virtual blogging accountability partner. Kate is someone I recently took a great liking to. She works with bloggers to help them streamline their process to become more successful in the blogosphere. My heart spun into creative lust when I stopped by her website and saw her imagery (that I LOVE!) - she's too awesome for words. 
Her blog focuses on all things blogging, social media, and being of creative excellence! My fave posts are here and here.

I hope you find all of these awesome sites worthy of your resource needs. Trust me, they're all worth the read and follow. 


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  1. Thank you so much! I love all these ladies, so this is like the best moment of my blogging life thus far! lol

  2. Thank you so much for including me in this round up! What a talented group of women to be included with!

  3. You're very welcome!

  4. A pleasure and awesomeness!!


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