Happy New Year! Yes, it may be mid end-January but I've had to really come with a post that would be most beneficial to not just me but others seeking to improve themselves in life and business this year. I've made a few changes within my business thanks to them. Thus, sharing a few super helpful blogs to follow in 2015 that I enjoy most! They all bring their own personalities, creativity, and sense of humor which is why I love them so.

You will too... I KNOW YOU WILL! Believe it. These blogs totally deserve several thousands of readers,comments, and follows. So if you think you'll see The Social Media Examiner or Seth Godin on this list, you're wrong.


  • Probably one of the greatest resources I've ever come across. I was introduced to Regina's blog sometime late last year where it seemed she had just started that particular blog and instantly fell in love with her very transparent nature. I appreciate bloggers who can be honest, share their personal failures and successes, and so forth within their business. Her audience is mostly for various niche bloggers and creative entrepreneurs and I swear it's like she became a blogging sensation overnight! She's also pretty great with captivating titles. Every post I've read in full. You won't ever be disappointed with her posts. My favorites so far are here and here

Oh and I totally love her free downloads. They're super helpful in getting you organized, getting you to think critically, and have fun creating something special for your own blogs and businesses. There's a special "name your price" option she gives you when you choose to purchase anything from her. (She's saving for her maserati, lol)

The Private Life of a Girl

  • If you have a love for minimal everything, you'll love Sophie's blog. I accidentally stumbled upon her blog while researching something completely not in her niche (can't even remember what...) but I'm glad I found her. I was attracted to her very simple use of fonts, layout, and imagery, that she often takes herself. A bonus for me is that she's a jewelry designer. She creates amazingly beautiful, handmade pieces. It's what allowed her to leave her job and make her blogging and jewelry business her full-time income bringers. 

From what I can tell, she definitely has a love for black, books, and clean, minimal spaces. You'll appreciate the fact that she posts like EVERYDAY! At least I know I'll have something new to read on a regular basis in my downtime. My favorite post from her as of late is here.

Hello Brio

  • A more recent blog I've been loving lately. Probably more so because Jenn has a huge love for lettering and illustration. I love her craft for creating her own fonts. So cool! Plus, if you're anything like her, you also have a love for little monsters. Not the scary, eat you alive kind, I promise! I actually got my blog post photo inspiration from her. 

I think I'll be taking a week to just learn how to create my own lettering fonts from her. It's something I've always admired from those who are expert pros in it. You probably won't believe that her blog is on Blogger and not Wordpress lol, but it seems that way. My favorite posts from her are here and here .

Studio 404

  • Angel is super talented! I was introduced to her Etsy paper shop within a Facebook group I'm apart of. I love that her work is reconstructed from recycled paper. You can surely tell she loves what she does. Her blog is even more awesome. I love how resourceful, informative, and harmoniously laid out it is. She's also a font lover like me! I also admire the fact that she and her husband own a design business together. Can we say #RelationshipGoals? 

If you're a lover of beautiful prints, prioritization, and creating the perfect tidbits in your business, you'll love her blog. She recently had a baby not long ago so as a new mom, I understand I may not see anything new on her blog so soon but I am patiently waiting. My fave posts from her are here and here

  • This awesomeness is co-authored by two wonderful ladies, Victoria and Meg, who pretty much blog about blogging for creative businesses. They recently became a new favorite of mines as well. Their business, The B Bar, is so interesting. I love how they incorporated the going to get your fix from the "bartender" feel into their branding. They don't call themselves designers or consultants, but Bartenders! Very neat! They also have their own personal blogs. 

What more can I say? You have to kind of go check them out and see for yourself the greatness. Let them serve you up something refreshing to keep your mind right. My current fave posts are here and here

  • You can never go wrong with pastels. This pretty much sums up my admiration for Lisa's blog design. I enjoy all of her posts. Her blog is fairly new... a few months to be exact, but it's filled with great content. The focus is mostly on sharing tons of inspiration as well as tips and tricks related to the web. Her interviews with other creatives is also very enjoyable. She's another person you can learn from when it comes to learning from mistakes along the way. 

Oh and I love her free printable too! Let's just agree that we all like free stuff. Posts I love from her most are here and here

  • Yep... the major love radar is on. Sarah is all about blogging, business, and living the perfect badass life, literally! She's an arielist in the circus! No joke! First saw her name as a contributor for the Mind, Body, Green blog I frequent. Definitely love her everything! Her blog just pops out at you like BAOW!! 

She's all about helping people build and create the lives that they can enjoy on a daily basis. Not to mention she's an awesome designer as well with 18 years under her belt.  My fave posts so far are here and here

Design Me Creative

  • Okay, okay... of course I had to add myself this post, (which is why the name isn't hyper-linked, ha!)ink my blog is pretty darn helpful. I'll keep this short and sweet, check out my most popular posts here and here

I hope you find all of these awesome sites worthy of your resource needs. Trust me, they're all worth the read and follow. 


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  1. Neosha, what an honor to be featured along with these amazing women - many of which I admire myself, and some whose blogs I can't wait to explore. Thank you so much for adding me - that made my day!

  2. Neosha - thank you so much for including my blog! Lisa said it - it's truly an honor. I really appreciate it. And about the font - I'm here to be a resource. Seriously don't hesitate to ask questions :)

  3. Neosha, thank you so much for including me! <3 I feel so honored and this list is amazing.

  4. So glad you stopped by! It was a pleasure sharing you along with the other ladies!


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