'Tis the season to be... well, ambitious in this case. As a fellow small business owner, I figured we all deserve a little holiday treat too. We give and give all year to our customers, clients, and family but what would we love most within our own businesses? A new camera maybe... fancy new website... many things to choose from. I'm sharing 4 cool things you can gift to the small business owner you know or even to yourself.

Here is your 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Small Business Solopreneurs.

Solopreneurs depend mostly on their own time and creativity. When you're running a business solo, there are many hats you;re responsible for wearing. Handling all the finances is a major one. If you accept payments online but seeking to accept them anywhere from the grocery store to the local park festivities, check out Paypal Here and Square card readers. Take your business wherever you go. You can use these babies with your iPad or smartphone. COST: $0 (we LOVE free!)

 - all you pay (or the customers pay) are the transactions fees. I have both and love them. Get your free Paypal Reader here and your free Square reader here (or pay $10 in the store, BOOoo!).  
holiday gift guide small business

If you're anything like me, you take A TON of pictures in your small business. It can be of your products, video footage for promos and campaigns, or my favorite, blog post stock imagery. This is a personal gift I'd definitely love to get! UGH! The Canon EOS Rebel T3i- COST: $450+

This is perfect for beginners and of course those already DSLR-smart. So if you enjoying doing a lot of things yourself like taking photos of your product models or recording your latest Youtube video campaigns, you may want to give this a try. I've played around with this camera and loved it so feel free to gift me lol ...

holiday gift guide small business
Can't forget about the awesome people who work right from the bed. This is sure to come in handy for those days where the at-home office desk just won't cut it on a relaxed day. Check out the Cooler Master... Don't let your laptop battery overheat and damage your systems' internal electro-organs. COST: $30.00 
holiday gift guide small business
Last but not least, EVERY small business owner/creative big or small should always be able to find refuge in using a notebook or two. Carry it with you wherever you go because you never know when a great idea or thought will pop into you noggin. I have several books filled with notes, blueprints, ideas, and even post schedules. This one is pretty nice. Strong paper, reliable cover, and beautifully crafted wording.- Inspirational Daycraft Notebook- COST: $18.00 - get yours here

holiday gift guide small business

What would you add to this list to give or receive for small business success? Let me know in the comments! Happy Holidays!

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