leverage partner with paul income review

Hey you all! Gosh, I know it's been over two months since my last post but for great reason. I'm a new mommy! Yay! I had my first kid July 21st and he's so much fun. Now I'm an official WAHM (Work At Home Mom) cool. So as you can imagine with new baby, comes need for even more cash-flow. I'm sure you've read about my income report from earlier this year, well my goal is to triple that for the next year. 

Over the next few days, I'll be sharing with you in this series how to leverage various resources to make money from home for little to NO cost. This week, I'm sharing the wonderful resource known as Partner With Paul
Before I get into it, let me first share that many people fear when things like this pop up. They're quick to yell "SCAM" or "Pyramid Scheme". I'm here to debuke those foolish theories. I don't condone false advertisement and I only share what I myself have learned is legit and legal. If you have been scammed in any way, there are ways to detect when you're being cheated and I'm here to let you know what to look out for. 

Now, so what is Partner With Paul? 
Partner With Paul is a cost per action (CPA) affiliate program. The sole purpose of Partner With Paul is to sell his work at home kit for the Herbal Life business opp. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE THE KIT ($9.95) or even join Herbal Life. As a PWP affiliate, you will get paid $2.50-$5.00 EVERY TIME someone creates a free account on the site. Easy right? Or too good to be true... 

leverage partner with paul income review
Well, when I first gave Partner With Paul a look, at first it seems like the crap any other "online marketing guru" does. They all flash and share that they make thousands on a daily basis from home and such. But I'm a firm believer in "don't knock it until you try it" so after a bit of detailed research, I decided to give it a shot and use myself as a case study. NOTE: All affiliate payouts begin at $2.50 per "lead" or per person who shares their email info per your affiliate link. The more leads you get, the higher your payout. The cap is at $5.00 per lead.

For those who opt in without becoming affiliates, you will see nothing but a sales page promoting a "Work At Home Kit".You can choose to purchase it if you want. I purchased just to see what it was and when I got the kit in the mail, it was a folder of information sharing information about the Herbal Life company. I wasn't interested but if you are, purchase the kit. I created a dummy account to share the Step 2 page for you to see. 

leverage partner with paul income review

If you decide to, when you sign up to become an affiliate with Partner With Paul (which is a separate account process), this what your back office will look like. Forward and straight to the point. Now when I join affiliate programs I always look for "compliance" info, payment info, stats, and FTC guidelines. This lets me know that they are legit as can be because they do NOT want you to promote them falsely in anyway. In this case, PWP is not a JOB... it's simply a marketing strategy an online guru uses to promote another business venture of his. This is how the world works people... think like Coca-Cola. 

leverage partner with paul income review

KNOW WHEN YOU'RE BEING SCAMMED: If you do not see anything that gives your rules or web boundaries such as needing to follow FTC Guidelines, you should more than likely avoid the site and NOT submit any personal information. 

When I became a PWP affiliate I shared info on it via email, on Craigslist, social media, and any place I could virtually have a word-of-virtual-mouth marketing fest. You get a payout every time you hit $50. It took me over a month to make it there but I did. Below are screenshots of my past payouts. You can have your money sent straight to your Paypal or by mail. I'm a Paypal quickie kind of gal. 

leverage partner with paul income review

leverage partner with paul income review
2013 Proof

leverage partner with paul income review
2014 Proof

My case study with Partner With Paul proved to be a success. You do get paid for sharing and referring others to this site. It's definitely not going to make you a 6-figure earner over night but if you simply want to have a little extra something going into your pockets, this is a great start with no risk. Others I've seen as affiliates with PWP have made even more money so its up to you with how you choose to leverage this site.

 It is very possible to make hundreds a day but you have to put in the work to get there. I'm fine with the little it has made me so far but that also reflects the time and energy I put behind it. Now that new mommy-hood has calmed downa bit and my little guy is a bit more predictable I can get back to revamping my PWP marketing routine. Its not a priority for me but it's nice to have it set up to where people can sign up without me being there to promote it. It's always nice to see a random You've Got Money email.


  • Partner with Paul is not a pyramid scheme or scam.
  • You can only create ONE account per IP address. 
  • You can NOT create fake accounts under the same IP. They will ban your account. 
  • Your email address must be VALID!
  • It is FREE to create an account and FREE to become an affiliate. 
  • You do NOT have to purchase the WAH Kit.
  • You CAN make legit and legal money wit PWP.
  • This is NOT a residual income site. You're paid ONCE per lead.

 Have you ever worked with CPA affiliate sites? Would you? I'd love to hear from you below.

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