Yes... I know how much we all love dipping in the details of things. The first quarter of the year for me has been quite wonderful! I came into the new year expecting to meet a certain goal and so far, I'm on the right track. What's the point of sharing my online income report? Number one reason, self-accountability.

Aside from recently celebrating my birthday March 27th, I came pretty close to my first 3 months accomplishment. Below is a breakdown of what I curated within the last three months on online income from my freelance graphic design business, HasneoUnique. Know that this is not my only source of income but I will share further sources and freebies I use to generate income from home in a future post.


  • Logos
  • Website Revamps
  • Website Creation
  • Blog Updates/Graphics
  • Event/Promotional Flyers
  • Product Labels, Etc.
  • Private Training

Last year, being that it was my first FULL year of working from home as a freelancer, my online income report from January to March was approximately - $566.50 - from just design work. This year, I made a goal to hit $1000 or more from freelance. For 2014, so far, I've accumulated for the first part of the year, approximately - $935.13 - Not too shabby, eh?

I didn't meet my $1000 mark but I made a very significant improvement since last year. The difference being $368.63 more than last year's first quarter. That's over a 39% increase! I would say constantly making improvements and learning within my business to cater to new and veteran client friends attributed to this mini-success. 

Online Income Reporting 

If you'd like to know what helped me most with building my my online business, I made use of this awesome resource, Wealthy Affiliate. I stumbled upon it randomly one day when I first started my business. I was seeking some sort of virtual mentorship or "support group" for entrepreneurs and so forth. Signed up (FREE) and have been enjoying the perks of what I've learned ever since.

Great for anyone new or veteran. They've added a lot of upgrades since I joined but I'll be sure to share a more in-depth post on this in the near future. Feel free to check it out until then. 
Other than that, I've used other resources such as Youtube, Craigslist, and traffic apps to help me grow my business as well. Stick around for the next few weeks and discover some awesome stuff! Only the best is shared here, however, so don't miss out!
What are your latest income goals? Have you reached any lately? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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