We all know how vast in cyber inventory social media can be. From Facebook to mobile smartphone remote controls. It's easy to get lost in it all when there are literally, thousands of ways you can choose to share your content and promotions online. There's a reason why this is my first post in 2014...

I admit that I enjoy discovering new ways of doing the same thing. It's important to me to stay resourceful. (For my clients, of course...). When it comes to that blog post you worked on to "HEY! We're having an online store sale", you want to get as many eyes as you possibly can on what you're wanting to share. Luckily for you, I've put together a list of four social sharing platforms I discovered within the past year that have REALLY been a great help to me and my business. So why not let it work for you?


4 free social sharing platforms
This social sharing baby is "a subject-based social network that connects you to the top social sources you care about."You can create an account manually or connect to a social media account you already have. I discovered Sulia by accident and figured it was pretty neat for something quite new on the market. The platform allows you to follow (or Trust) and share on topics you are passionate about from your favorite TV show to political issues or beauty to all things food. The online layout reminds me a bit of Pinterest. 

"Ten million unique users have signed up in less than a year, and several big-name investors have contributed some pretty hefty funding. It seems Sulia's mix of crowdsourcing, machine learning and human supervision is making its 1,000+ channels of content a success." - Mashable.com (Dec. 2012)

What Do I Use It For? I use the Sulia social network to share my content from both my most active blogs to various channels (topics) found on the site. I have two separate accounts for each blog. Feel free to follow my Biz on Sulia here.


4 free social sharing platforms
I've been apart of Empire Avenue since mid 2012 and I can surely agree that if you take advantage of what is given, you will surely see an increase in your social influence. EA is many things. It's part gaming as a social stock market simulation that allows you to invest in friends, influencers, and brands much like the stock market only without the knowledge of a WallStreet tycoon. The more virtual wealth you gain, the more connections you make. 

Empire Avenue has been around publicly since July 2010 and is used by many people to drive social media activity and interaction between registered users. I love the idea of having my own little virtual economy portfolio. I'm currently showing a virtual net wealth of 2.5 million as of today. If only it were cash in the bank, lol. (EA money is known as "eaves"). Let's say you wanted people to stop by your blog and leave a comment, EA has an area called "missions" that allow you to create a mission for people interested in the payout you offer for completing it. Don't worry, the payout comes from the virtual money you earn. In return, you get to build a following and at the same time discover new people and brands. 

What Do I Use It For? I use Empire Avenue to mostly aggregate content I write and to also build my followings to my various social profiles and my blogs. Tons of things offered so check it out. You can even follow my profile here


4 free social sharing platforms

One of my most favorite social sharing sites! StumbleUpon, as you can probably tell from the photo above is a platform that pretty much introduces you to a gazillion things you may ave never come across before. This is a great way to share your content for others to "stumble upon" when searching through their interests based on topics catered to them. So if you blog or have a site on food, chances are that various people will come across a web page you shared on SU and you just may gain a new loyal follower. 

Sign up is virtually a piece of cake and if you desire to discover new websites or blogs based on the interests you choose, StumbleUpon shares those pages and you can either follow, or thumbs up or down for things you like or don't like in your interest category. It's a discovery engine similar to a web search engine like Google. SU was introduced in 2002 so I'm still a bit surprised when people say they never heard of them. You're missing out if you're not making use of this. 

What Do I Use It For? I use StumbleUpon to both discover new blogs and ideas while also being able to share various blog content I create to grow my readership. You never know who may stop by. Check out my profile and follow if you like here


4 free social sharing platforms

This platform is more subtle but highly useful, especially when it comes to sharing your blog content. Triberr is "an influence marketing platform that helps bloggers grow their audience and helps brands expand their reach." Basically, if you're wanting to spread your wings and get even closer to bloggers of various niches, this is the place to be. I came across this site one random night of my usual searches and decided to give it a try. You're able to create a profile and link up to two blogs in the free version that will share your posts automatically to news streams within Triberr whenever you create a new blog post. This allows for anyone to read, comment, and eve share your content.

Triberr also has places known as "Tribes" where you can follow or join groups that best match you and who you'd like to interact with. You can even join "Bonfires". That's where various topics or questions can be shared and answers given to you. People tend to get familiar with you there if you're active in helping or even sharing. They recently introduced campaigns to the platform so no now bloggers are able to apply to brands seeking ambassadors to review their products and such for great compensation.

What Do I Use It For? I use Triberr simply for the blog syndication. I can set it and forget it. It works great for me as a back end way to share content without me having to do it manually.

Welp, that's all! I hope you were able to discover something new that you may like to test out or fully implement into your marketing in anything you do. I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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