WARNING: This Post Contains Some Much Needed Language That May Not Be Suitable For Your Eyes If You Get Offended By Personality Easily. The Use Of Language Is Intended To Describe "Serious Business" Stuff. So If You Can't Handle That, Don't Read This! *Smile*

I Must Admit, I Have A Freakish Love For Business And Everything It In-Tells. I Especially Love Seeing People Who  Either Created Their Own Businesses From Scratch Who Are Now Multi-Billionaires In Their Industry. That's Right... Keep In The Dream Alive And I Think We Should All Keep Dreaming, At Least While We're Working To Achieve Our Goals. Before I Jump In To A Ramp, What Does Being A "BadAss" Really Mean In Business?

"You got to be bad... real bad, Michael Jackson BAD! KanYeezy taught me that. (lol)"

"BadAss" in a sense of business simply means to be the "have-not" of the "have-nots". In other words, doing what others are capable of doing but fear doing. You go after what others only hope for. Badassery is a lifestyle in business. A super hype movement of rare form for many. You may have heard this before from tons of successful individuals but you truly have to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. The most successful women may be called "bitch" and the men, "assholes" but sometimes you have to be when you want people respect who you are. After all, you're creating your life. 

Allow me to share with you what it takes to be a BadAss in doing what you love and loving what you do in business! This does not mean go out and be stuck-up, a pure asshole, or a mean boss to prove a point. Being a badass in all you do should come like second-nature. 
The Ultimate Guide To Being A BadAss In Business
1. Badassery State of Mind. You need to learn to observe. When you look at people like P.Diddy or Kimora Lee Simmons, what do you notice about them? Yes, they're all about their business but they also keep in mind why they are about their business for a reason. If you were to see Oprah shopping at the dollar store in pajama pants and a tank top, you wouldn't look at her differently because you respect her as a business woman. What you wear doesn't take away from who you are as a person so her sense of "what's important" will still remain. If you keep a "I'm a BadAss" "I am great at what I do" state of mind in your daily life, it'll only be matter of time before your thoughts about yourself manifest in your business. Keep them positive and true. 
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2. Remain Confident. That's only half the battle. You are your own worst enemy. If you feel you can't do something because of what others may say, you might as well lay in a burial plot... not literally. There's nothing more badass and exciting than knowing who you are and where you want to be. Badassery allows you to do what you want to do with complete self-assurance and zero timidity. If you can pull that off, others will quickly begin to see that you mean business. You'll also win some haters who will love you on the low low. If you have to pretend to be another person in your mind (without going overboard and ruining your character, of course).. then by all means do it! The way you walk in upright stature, talk with certainty, and accept things good or bad to use as development checkpoints, you'll be winning!

3. Be A Brave Ass To Be BadAss. Work on overcoming your fears. Don't be afriad to stick by what you believe in. You have your opinions. Be proud. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn to become adaptable to stressful situations because you WILL run into plenty of road bumps in your business. Might as well embrace the struggle you'll endure to see a better future. Fear is an illusion. Badass=Fearless.

4. Be The Sh*T! Business is often times associated with suits, ties, boring meetings, and a definition of how to act appropriate. It's 2013. People are transforming daily. I don't know about you but I love a badass individual in business who is comfortable in their own skin. Who says you have to wear slacks and button-up if you own a multi-billion dollar business or to attend a "conference"? Even having tons of tattoos is no longer a "taboo" thing. The key to mastering another level of badassery is to master a style and/or true acceptance of personality that enhances your confidence. Looking good, feeling good, and loving what you do does wonders! 
being a badass in your business and life
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5. "Hand Me My Raybans". If you don't know what those are, where have you been? When you see badasses they all usually have this ONE item in common on top of their everything... SUNGLASSES. A nice pair of shades is the epitome of badassery. I have a habit of rocking a pair of shades when I'm out and about, inside with no sunlight, and even in places where I expect others to question why I have on shades. Sunglasses tend to give off an energy. It shields you from scrutiny and projects some serious confidence no matter where you may be, even if you have yet to reach your confidence peak. 
NOTE TO SELF: Shades, pencil skirt, and high heels should be worn in next meeting I attend. Period!  Why not? Beyonce does it all the time when she goes to sign million dollar business deals! 
6. Remain Genuine. You'll get tired, frustrated, and upset but at the end of the day be sure to remain who you are. There is nothing wrong with "changing" but change for the better. Never forget where you started and how you got there. Help others who want the help (not need), stay positive, and keep smiling. This is not about impressing others, it's about not being afraid to be who you are and keeping at it. It's about knowing when to hold and when to fold. Not all opportunities will be great ones. It's about knowing who genuinely supports you and avoiding traps and suction of those who hinder you. You'll fail but you'll also learn to do better. 

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