Hey you all! If you hadn't heard the news, Google has rolled out something new for Youtube content creators. Yep... Youtube released on Tuesday, their new embeddable subscribe button. I know what you're thinking, "Google is FOREVER making changes..." 

That is true and most times even I get sick of it. It's one thing to constantly change the Youtube and Google Plus layouts but this go 'round, I actually like the new feature. Go figure. 

If you recall, Google bought out Youtube back in 2006 for a whopping $1.65 BIillion! Only a year after the YT's inception onto the internet world. I guess Google knew money was to be mad, eh? Since then, the internet giant has surely plunged into several changes. With the new Youtube subscribe button, video creators and vloggers now how an easier way to gain subscriptions and grow their channel audiences even quicker. 
add embeddable youtube subscribe button
There are three button options to select from:
  • Default (No Channel Avatar)
  • Full Layout (With Channel Avatar)- Light
  • Full Layout (With Channel Avatar)- Dark

These options are available for both free and paid Youtube channels.

Before its release, the only way anyone could subscribe to a Youtube channel was to go to Youtube directly. I can agree that the extra step was a bit annoying but now it can be avoided. HORRAY! We've seen a few Youtube widgets before and in all honesty, this one is my fave by far. It's very similar to the Google Plus Follow widget button.

Add The Youtube Button To Your Website/Blog
This is the easy part. For all you who are not as tech-savvy, it's as simple as 1, 2, and 3. I will be using my personal blog channel for the sake of this tutorial since I'll be adding it to my blog anyhow.

- Go To the Google Developers Website 
- Under "Configure A Button" Enter the name of the Youtube channel  you want to create a button for.
- You will need to then select your desired layout and theme.
- Copy the HTML code seen in the box under your button preview.
- Add code to your website's FTP client or platform widget. For blogs, add to blog post, sidebar, or blog coding. If need be, seek your website/blog designer to do so for you or ask for help. If you're a Blogger platform user like me, simply add a HTML widget to your layout and insert the code.

TIP: To center, add <center> at the beginning of the code and </center> at the end of the code. 
add embeddable youtube subscribe button
That's it! Easy as slicing pie. Please note that if your channel is NOT a paid channel, do not attempt to create a paid subscribe button. No, you will not earn cash in that way. 

I hope this tutorial helped out a bit.
 If so leave some comment love below and share this post with your friends! 

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