You know that wonderful feeling you get whenever you indulge in something sweet and sometimes even forbidden? Well, the other night I was up late as usual working on a few websites that I'll be launching soon. At the time, I was a bit frustrated because the logo I was working on wasn't cooperating with me, I was upset with my lover, and I had way too much going on at one time.

I think I was going through a young life designer crisis. So much so that I got hungry and stopped to go grab a snack. 
I didn't have much of a craving for food so I grabbed a mango. I never properly learned how to eat mangos so you can imagine the struggle I had to endure with juice falling everywhere with each bite I took. For a moment while I ate that mango, I began to realize how long it actually takes for me to finish it. I was able to sit, eat, and just think. I remember stopping for a breather because my jaws began to hurt and munching on that mango was taking some energy to do.

I took a look at that huge thing of a fruit and asked myself...

"If life was a mango, how would I go about better finishing it?

In other words, is there a way for me to fix this so it all seems less of a mess? Is it just me or do late nights spark some serious deep thinking? From that moment, I got up and grabbed a knife to cut the rest of the fruit into quarter pieces. Something I tried my best to avoid only because I wanted to be lazy. Cutting the fruit created less mess, however. Problem solved.

What does this have to do with a lesson of lifeA lesson learned from a mango: When life gets to be too much... stop, evaluate, and put your big girl panties on by doing what you HAVE to do. It sounds a bit cliche, I know but needless to say, once I finished my mango all the work and headache I was enduring previously didn't seem to bother me much. I stopped being a lazy loaf.

lesson learned from a mango

I got back to my laptop and figured out what needed to be done in a less stressful way. Made it happen through once again, doing what I tried to avoid. Sometimes we just have to suck it up and take the long way to our destinations. I was no longer upset and actually enjoyed the rest of the night having a nice conversation with my better half... after getting a few things off my chest, of course.

All of what was going on at the moment, I sort of just said, "Jesus take the wheel!" It's amazing at what you learn when you just take some time to relax and put everything back into perspective. Maybe you too can one day share a lesson learned from a mango dealing with your ife.

 I'm pretty certain that by now if you're a follower of this blog I write on that you know I'm not your average graphic design blogger. Sure, I can share how-tos and give updates on creative tech stuff but I also want to share things I learn along the way. Maybe I'll start eating more mangos late at night for the sake of learning... who knows? 

What lesson(s) have you learned at the most random times? How have they affected your life, business, or relationships?

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